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Called to Love

Community and Mentoring for the Happiest Light Bringers

You know or feel that you have come here to raise consciousness and vibration.

You want to let your love and your light shine through your life into this world. You have the desire to help people and the world, to heal, support, encourage, and inspire them!

You want to actively work on your development with me and other like-minded ‘students.’

You want to walk your luminous path here authentically and freely and live your mission! If this applies to you, then I am pleased to be able to give you a very special invitation now:

Today, I am opening the community of the happiest light bringers ‘CALLED TO LOVE’ for souls like you, but only for 6 days!


Community for the happiest light bringers, earth angels, and heartfelt people

– Deepen your path of self-awareness.

– Continuously receive support in recognizing and resolving old beliefs and behavioral patterns.

– Learn methods that help you to live unity consciousness not just as a concept but as a pure inner attitude.

My vision for this community is to bring together the souls who are here to raise the vibration on Earth, to be the light of the world and bring the light of the world, and who wholeheartedly want to embrace their calling to love.

Recognize yourself, accept yourself, become a creator – 3 principles of enlightenment and self-realization according to the Law of One as a guide for our developmental work.

Recognizing and living your calling and mission will make you unspeakably happy.

I want to connect the happiest lightworkers and light bringers here and support them intensively in group mentorings on their path to embodying and implementing their True Being.

In this community, you will find what you may have been looking for a long time:

I will show you how you can finally let your light shine brightly, regardless of situations and external circumstances.

And I will show you how you – even as a lightworker OR ESPECIALLY because of that – can enjoy and embody your True Being in abundance and happiness in this life.

What you get in this community:


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Called to Love

Community and Mentoring for the Happiest Light Bringers